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Product Type: Extensions

Price: Free

Last updated: 12/10/2013

Language: English

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Easily write and troubleshoot SQL queries.

A simple tool for writing and troubleshooting SQL queries with FileMaker’s ExecuteSQL function.

The Soliant SQL Query Builder provides a simple utility for writing and troubleshooting SQL queries, including abstracting field and table names, for use with FileMaker’s ExecuteSQL function.

There are several excellent utilities available for constructing SQL queries for use with FileMaker’s ExecuteSQL function. However, developers versed with SQL often prefer to type queries out manually instead of assembling them with a wizard or other mechanism. That said, debugging can be a challenge, and field and table names ideally need to be abstracted should they change later. The Soliant SQL Query Builder allows developers to quickly type queries and then test the results before deploying into a solution.

You can use the tool in your solution in one of two ways: either add table occurrences from your solution to it or install it as a module into your solution.

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