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Product Type: Apps

Price: Starts at $399

Last updated: 9/19/2019

Language: English

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Watch the orders start pouring in.

Tracking members, products, and orders has never been more engaging. Vintage products...modern app.

Light, lean and balanced with a powerfully simple finish. Barrel makes tracking products, customers, memberships and orders delightful. Its gorgeous, customizable interface and familiar navigation structure provide a rich experience for any level of user.

Barrel is right at home on iPad, and is a joy to use at trade show booths as well as in the wine cellar. An emphasis on user experience permeates every module and makes otherwise complex procedures easy - even fun. A beautifully interactive new product wizard makes adding products to your lineup engaging and easy. Progressive disclosure maintains user focus on the most important aspects of your business, and provides a sense of privacy that promotes customer confidence. A powerful product picker makes building orders stunningly efficient. The clever use of simple icons to convey meaningful messages reduces clutter and eliminates user confusion, increasing productivity.

Barrel is as delightful as the products it contains, and as beautiful as the regions where those products are created. A fantastic addition to any growing winery, it helps elevate brands and sets its users apart.


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