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Product Type: Apps

Price: Free

Last updated: 8/28/2019

Language: English

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Create, save and email quotes, quickly, easily. Smart!

Quickly create quotes, attach saved customers, then print or email. For Mac, Windows, and iPad.

SmartQuotes provides a simple, intuitive way to quickly create quotes and print or email to customers.

Quickly find saved quotes by status (pending, sold, lost) and date range, or by expiry date, or by customer, or using any set of criteria you want.

Store Customers and Contacts
You can store the details of as many customers as you want, including contacts within companies, then attach companies and contacts to quotes. View a quote history for each customer and quickly get to any quote with just a click.

SmartQuotes can be quickly customized for your company. Add your company name, address, logo, and set default tax rates for your area.

SmartQuotes is offered as-is, for free. But it doesn’t have to end there…

Want to add Orders, Invoices, a Product Catalog, Inventory, or Purchase Orders?

Want to host it on a server for multiple concurrent users? Want to give access to people offsite, whether on Macintosh, Windows, or iPad?

Want to make other modification, large or small?

Contact Exoteric. $175 per hour, sold in blocks of 5 hours.


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