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Product Type: Extensions

Price: Otto comes in a variety of licensing sizes, depending on how many servers you work with. The 3-server pack is $400/year; The 10-server pack is $800/year; The 25-server pack is $1600 a year. If you need larger volumes or perpetual licenses, please contact us.

Last updated: 7/17/2019

Language: English

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Automated Data Migration

Otto does all the tasks of migrating a file from one server to another, and it does this quickly.

Otto for FileMaker Server is the first Developer Operations tool for FileMaker. It makes it easier to manage your settings in FileMaker Server and your files through Otto's user interface or the Otto Developer API.

We FileMaker developers have the tedious and error-prone task of migrating a file from a development server to production. Otto can do this task with a click of a button. The migration can happen immediately or set to a schedule. The developer tool helps you manage backups of your files, whether you want to download them as a copy or a clone, or if you want to send them to your AWS S3 instance.

The OttoMigrator.fmp12 file is our fully-featured demonstration of how you can use FileMaker scripts to do all these tedious tasks. You can use this file as is, or copy & paste the scripts into your own custom app.

Otto is perfect for developers of vertical market products. You can add features to your development copy and then push the changes to all clients' servers.

The set up is simple: install Otto on each server where migrations will happen, set up the migration, and press one button.


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