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Last updated: 7/22/2019

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manage, perform and document your FileMaker data-migrations

A support-tool to manage, perform and document FileMaker data-migrations

base72 DataMigration lets you remote controll the full circle of your FileMaker App deployment.

On the development FileMaker Server:
• Creating the clone of your hosted development file
• Storing the clone for later version controll
• Distributing the clone to the staging/production server
-> via in App container field
-> via DropBox/Nextcloud

On the staging/production FileMaker Server
a) Closing of the hosted App (production)
b) Transfering of the production App to the migration directory
c) Migrating the productive App data to the clone file of the development App (including Encryption@Rest)
d) Moving the new migrated App back to the FileMaker Server live directory
e) Opening the migrated App on the FileMaker Server
f) Documentation of the Migration
-> runtime of the migration process
-> migration protocoll if verbose mode is selected
-> timestamp of the migration
-> clone version used in this migration

The base72 DataMigration manages the following migration settings
+ storage of migration settings including all available options
-> verbose
-> quiet
-> accounts
-> valuelists
-> fonts
-> cache
+ Username/Password for the FileMaker Server AdminConsole
+ Username/Password/Encryption@Rest for the live- and clone-file
+ Storage of migrated Dataset (timestamped) for documentation
+ MBSplugin deployment mechanism (licence needed, demo available)
+ fmdmt (FileMakerDataMigrationTool) deployment to the migration folder

Tecnical minimum requirements
[x] File in .fmp12 format
[x] FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 or higher
[x] FMDMT licence with FDS or FBA membership
[x] base72 DataMigration file hosted on the development FileMaker Server
[x] MBS-Plugin 9 or higher (licensed or in Demo-Mode)


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