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Last updated: 9/25/2019

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Email plug-in with 125 functions and 13 free open examples.

Mailit is the ultimate email plug-in to integrate full email capability into your FileMaker app.

Integrate full email capability into your FileMaker® 10-18 solutions with ease!

Start with essential email client features such as rich content sending of messages in the background as well as integration of POP and IMAP email receiving directly into your FileMaker® apps or make full use of Mailit’s 47 IMAP functions, 25 POP functions and 15 SMTP functions.

13 free adaptable open example files

The Mailit package comes with a set of ready to use Starter Solutions for mailings and personal mail, including pdf, page layout sending and multi thread sending and receiving and more. These are free to use FileMaker files that can be adapted quickly.


Send rich text messages from FileMaker® fields, Preview Mode layouts and multi-pages FileMaker® Layouts directly as e-mail messages (WYSIWYG). Advanced SMTP authentication and SSL supported. Integrate common email client features into FileMaker® such as message priority and progress dialog. Receive and view emails including attachments and inline images directly into FileMaker® via POP and IMAP including advanced IMAP filters. Optionally leave messages on server for processing with other e-mail clients or delete after specific number of days.

Attach any container field data types such as images and videos to your emails including multiple attachments.

Mailit threaded sending and receiving allows sending and receiving messages in the background, leaving FileMaker® accessible for other operations.

Mailit enables images to be embedded Base64-encoded inline in HTML. Enhanced display of HTML emails with FileMaker® Web Viewer.

Enable use of HTML templates generated outside of FileMaker®. HTML variables can be replaced dynamically by field content.

Convert FileMaker® Rich Text into HTML. This allows alteration of the HTML code generated by Mailit directly within FileMaker®.

Access all common message parts: To, From, Cc, Bcc, Subject, Header, body and attachments for incoming and outgoing emails.

Use all common email formats: Plain Text, Rich Text, HTML, HTML with inline images, Multi-Part etc.

... and much more


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