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Product Type: Apps

Price: starting at $ 2.000

Last updated: 5/9/2019

Language: English

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The integrated platform for trade and B2B services

zService is an integrated and flexible system which enables flexible business workflows

zProduction and zService allow users to manage in an integrated and flexible way all the business’ internal processes, like sales and purchase pipelines and stock management, avoiding loss of any important piece of information.

The system can manage purchase orders, sale orders, packing slips, stock level adjustments, raw materials and production.

All the documents created in the system are versioned and interlinked to recreate the internal operative flows; they can also be consulted from all the related screens and records, to considerably lower the searching times and the risk of storing obsolete versions of the same documents.

Administrative and accounting flows can be managed the same way as operative flows. The system can generate Invoices (standard and digital), manage payments, invoice schedules and allows users to record payments. All this data can be used to extract important financial information such as costs and revenues.

zService is highly customizable and can be adapted to businesses of various sizes and markets.


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