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Product Type: Extensions

Price: Starting at $499 for single user (up to two computers), renewing at 50% of list price after first year.

Last updated: 6/1/2016

Language: English

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RealTime Developer Intelligence for FileMaker

The only RealTime Developer Intelligence utility available for FileMaker.

FMPerception shows you what you need to know about your FIleMaker file faster than any other tool out there. You open a Database Design Report (DDR) in the tool and everything about your file is exposed. It is so fast you don't have to break your development workflow to use it, and you never have to worry about your analysis being out of date.
FMPerception exposes every part of your FileMaker custom app through the XML DDR. The realtime tool organizes the scripts, layouts, variables, custom functions, accounts, and everything else into a clear hierarchy, showing how each is used throughout your file. FMPerception will help you find out exactly where are field is used on a layout, in a script, in a layout calculation, or anywhere else.
FMPerception features a report card, a fast summary of your system, that highlights everything you'd want to know about your file. It also points out what you might not be aware of: sources of indirection in your file, global variable use, the number (and location) of the unstored calculation fields, the percent of unstored calculations in your system, and so much more.
FMPerception highlights every FileMaker function used inside your system. It shows the location of each instance of every function so you can easily track down uses. Some functions, when used improperly, can cause performance issues. FMPerception has those flagged and highlighted specifically so you can find and resolve those quickly.
And FMPerception does all this work fast. It exposes every part of your system in just a few seconds, allowing you to run multiple XML DDRs in a development session, find the field or script step you're looking for, and get back to your development. Without waiting. In recent tests, a 67-file solution with over 8,000 scripts opened inside FMPerception in about ten seconds.
FMPerception is the preferred choice for many developers out there to provide them with RealTime intelligence in the middle of their development.


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