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Product Type: Extensions

Price: $139/year

Last updated: 6/11/2019

Language: English

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The essential companion for performance-oriented developers.

Monitor your FileMaker Server and fine-tune its configuration.

Featuring outstanding visualisations, diagnostic tools and a brilliant interface, Nutshell Console is a must.

Zero configuration. Download it to your server machine, double click, and you're done.

Visualizations include indicators that used to be in pre-17 versions of FileMaker Admin Console, as well as some others that make problem detection and solving much easier.

Zoom in, search the log on multiple keywords, save images.

Take control of the server configuration. Turn on an off options that are otherwise available from the command line on the admin API only.

Select databases based on a folder and close them or verify them. Restart the script engine or the server itself right from Nutshell Console…

Lots of goodies already, and more to come.

What's New

Lite version installs on the server machine and pairs up with your FileMaker Server license (3 deployments allowed). Pro version (to be released) will allow you to manage multiple servers remotely. Host version will give you to all server options via a REST API.


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