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Last updated: 1/27/2020

Language: English

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FMDataMigration makes migrating easier

FMDataMigration makes migrating with the FileMaker Data Migration command-line tool easier.

With the FileMaker data migration command-line tool you can migrate all record data and user accounts from a source file in the FileMaker Pro 12 format (FMP12) to a target file. But command-line tools can be hard to use.
FMDataMigration is a free open-source tool, written in FileMaker Pro 17 Advanced, that makes migrating data with the FileMaker command line tool much easier and will automate the complete process for you.
With this practical tool, you will get rid of watching carefully every imported tables and serial numbers inside it when you migrate all the data and accounts from an environment to a new one.

What's New

Updated BaseElements plugin to a newer version to be compatible with FileMaker Pro 18 and it's required plugin signing. Added option to (re) parse migration. (In case of manual migration of failure to import the migration result, by adding the log file yourself yu can manually reparse the migration result)


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